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Envirologics was established in 2008 and is a Canadian engineering company dedicated to the ongoing development and distribution of our innovative water and fire main renewal program and technologies. Located north of Toronto in the Central Ontario region of Muskoka, we are well positioned to service all global markets.

Envirologics Pipe Renewal Program and Trenchless Technologies:
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We have developed the innovative, evidence based assessment management program we call Clean, Evaluate, Line and Protect or CELP. The goal of CELP is to ensure optimal decisions are made regarding application of trenchless technologies during water main rehabilitation, providing significant cost and time savings over digging-up and replacing these crucial assets. CELP complies with AWWA M77, chapter 15, the "Assess-and-Fix Approach" to water main rehab.

Envirologics has both developed and integrated existing technologies into the CELP program. These technologies include;

Clean: The Tomahawk™ pipe cleaning process quickly restores water flow capacity and prepares the pipe for liner application, ensuring decades of leak-free performance. The Tomahawk System provides “Best in Class” pipe cleaning and preparation results.

The versatile Tomahawk Scout™ is an airborne driven CCTV camera that not only inspects the pipe but also quickly cleans and dries joints, service connections and crevices prior to lining. The Scout also has the unique ability to find small holes in the pipe wall due to its “Vaculating” effect.

Evaluate: Envirologics Detective™ is a remote field eddy current (RFEC) tool that is pulled through the pipe after cleaning to determine remaining wall thickness and provide a live-streaming audit of the pipe’s health for quick, infield decision making as to next steps.

Line: The Envirologics BluKote™ lining application is a low cost, AWWA Class I barrier coat to improve water quality and extend the pipe's service life by decades. Internal point repair sleeves can be installed at a hole or at a structurally compromised location discovered during the pipe evaluation step. The ability to point repair problem areas makes the BluKote system a unique, hybrid, AWWA Class I to Class 4 solution.

Protect: Cathodic protection is a cost effective and proven means to protect the exterior of metallic pipe by arresting future corrosion for decades. It can be applied only in conditions where exterior corrosion is a problem. Cathodic protection can be applied after the water pipe has been returned to service.

Before Cleaning Muskoka sm  After Cleaning Muskoka sm  After Lining Muskoka sm

Pictures: Above left, watermain before cleaning, center, after cleaning with Tomahawk, right, after lining with BluKote™.

Envirologics is looking to license qualified, water pipe service contractors to offer our pipe renewal program and technologies to your well establish customer base. If this describes you and you are interested in offering Envirologics services to your customers, check out the remainder of our website and contact us at (800) 267-9810. You can also view our current Envirologics service providers by clicking here.


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