What is CELP?

CELP: Evidence-Based Asset Management of Aging Water Mains

Envirologics has developed the CELP program to identify those pipes that do not need replacement, to restore flow capacity and quality of our drinking water and to structurally stabilize our pipes by stopping both interior and exterior corrosion.

Enviro CELP Schematic

Above, CELP schematic representing the four steps of Clean, Evaluate, Line and Protect.

The Envirologics CELP program complies with “The Assess-And-Fix Approach” to water main evaluation and renewal method found in AWWA M77, chapter 15.

The Four Steps of CELP

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Click on the picture below for a video of a Clean, Evaulate and Line project completed in Deep River, Ontario.

Deep River Icon

For more details about CELP, check out our presentation titled "Evidence Based Asset Management of Aging Water Mains" by clicking here.


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