July 15, 2019 - Envirologics Completes Clean, Evaluate and Line Project in Deep River, Ontario.

Envirologics partnered with Ontario Excavac, OCWA and the Town of Deep River to complete a demonstration of the Envirologics Clean, Evaluate, Line and Protect (CELP) program. The 70 year old cast iron water main was cleaning using the Tomahawk process then evaluated for remaining wall thickness using the new Envirologics Detective remote field eddy current (RFEC) probe. The pipe was then coated using the Envirologics BluKote lining material to prevent further interior deterioration. No cathodic protection (P) was required to protect the pipe exterior due to ideal ground conditions.

We look forward to working with OCWA and Deep River in the future to provide optimal water main renewal using CELP at a fraction of the cost of replacement. To review a case study of this project, please click here. For a video of this project, please click the picture below.

Deep River Icon

Envirologics CELP is an evidence-based asset management program for optimal water main renewal. For more information about CELP, please click here.

Enviro CELP Schematic 


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