July 23, 2015 - Tomahawk Article Published in Daily Commercial News

The Tomahawk™ System has once again been featured by the Daily Commercial News magazine in an article titled "Entrepreneurs pioneer dry abrasive watermain cleaning tech", by Peter Kenter.  Peter has written about the benefits of Tomahawk's dry, airborne abrasive watermain cleaning technology. The resulting level of pipe preparation, clean and dry, allows for immediate liner application ensuring a leak-free liner bond. The article mentions the growing interest in this dry cleaning method from both drought stricken and environmentally savvy municipalities.
To view the full article at dailycommercialnews.com, please click here.
Kenter also made mention of a barrier coat application system for metallic pipes currently being developed by Envirologics.  Once commercial, the cleaning can be immediately followed by an airborne, barrier coat application that will prevent tuberculation and rust from returning to the pipe interior for decades. The application will return the pipe to full flow capacity while improving water quality.  
Development of the coating system hit a recent milestone with the successful demonstration of the cleaning and lining process in the City of Waterloo, Ontario.  On July 9 and 10, two 60 year old, 6" cast iron watermains were cleaned and coated while being observed by several municipalities and infrastructure service companies.
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