January 14, 2015 - Municipal Sewer and Water article - True Grit: Using Dry Abrasives to Scour Pipe

The trenchless Tomahawk™ System is featured in another article published by the Municipal Sewer and Water magazine.  The article discusses the dry, airborne abrasive Tomahawk™ process using an airstream generated by standard vacuum trucks.  The truck also captures the dry debris generated during the cleaning process, maintaining a clean worksite and environment. The pipe is left clean and dry in preparation for a lining application to prevent further deterioration and deposit build-up.
The article mentions Tomahawk's success at removing tuberculation and old bitumen based linings from 150mm (6") and 200mm (8") watermains even under same day return to service conditions without the need for costly service bypass systems.  This saves the project time and money.
To view the full article click here.
Nov 2014 Municipal Sewer and Water article pic
Let Tomahawk™ be your pipe cleaning and preparation solution for your next trenchless watermain rehab project. For more information please contact Jacqui at (800) 267-9810.

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