November 22, 2013 - Tomahawk Cleans Water Pipe in Illinois, USA

Tomahawk™ has successfully cleaned tuberculation out of 50 year old 6" cast iron watermains in Illinois.  After cleaning, the pipes were lined with a 3M structural, spray in place pipe (SIPP), improving water quality, capacity and pipe integrity for decades to come.  This project was completed as a "same day return to service" job with no bypass in place saving time and money for the local municipality.
Moline Before sm Moline After sm Moline Lining
Left, tuberculation in pipe prior to Tomahawk cleaning.  Center, pipe after cleaning and preparation, ready for lining. Right, pipe after lining applied.
Need your water pipes cleaned of tuberculation? Let Tomahawk™ take care of it.  Call us at (800) 267-9810.

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