September 26, 2013 - Tomahawk Cleans Pipe in Atlantic Canada

Tomahawk™ has successfully cleaned bitumen and tuberculation out of water pipes in Atlantic Canada.  After cleaning, the pipes were lined with a 3M water quality, spray in place pipe (SIPP), improving water quality and flow rate while mitigating further interior deterioration of the cast iron pipe. This project was also completed as a "same day return to service" job with no bypass in place saving time and money for the local municipality.
0001 Balmoral Ct SJohn - Before - Bitumen Tubercualtion  0003 Edgehill Row SJohn - After Tomahawk Cleaning mod1  0004 Edgehill Row SJohn - After Tomahawk Cleaning and 3M Lining
Left, tuberculation and bitumen in pipe before Tomahawk cleaning. Middle, after cleaning and preparation. Right, pipe after 3M water quality lining applied.
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