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Envirologics Engineering Inc.

Envirologics was established in 2008 and is a Canadian engineering company dedicated to the ongoing development and distribution of our innovative pipe cleaning and rehabilitating technology.  Located north of Toronto in the Central Ontario region of Muskoka, we are well positioned to service all global markets.

We have developed an innovative, dry and trenchless pipeline cleaning system for rehabilitating deteriorated drinking water distribution pipes and fire mains. Our cleaning technology is called the Tomahawk™ System and uses abrasives of various calibers in a high-volume, low-pressure airstream to remove internal tuberculation, corrosion and other deposits along with old lining materials including bitumen and coal tar from pipes. The Tomahawk™ cleaning process quickly restores hydraulic capacity and prepares the pipe for liner application, ensuring decades of leak-free performance.

In 2018, Tomahawk evolved into a full pipe rehab solution by adding a proprietary airborne lining technology. This application is a fast, low cost, AWWA Class I barrier coat to improve drinking water quality and flow rate while extending the pipe's service life by decades. The lining process uses the same airstream as cleaning, thus requiring minimal changeover.

Before Cleaning Muskoka SM
Cleaning Muskoka SM
After Lining Muskoka SM

Pictures: Above left, watermain before cleaning, center, after cleaning with Tomahawk, right, after lining with BluKote™.

Envirologics is looking to license qualified, water pipe service contractors to offer the Envirologics pipe rehab solution to your well establish customer base. If this describes you and you are interested in offering Envirologics services to your customers, check out our website and contact us at (800) 267-9810. You can view our current Envirologics service providers by clicking here.

To see trenchless watermain cleaning by Tomahawk from a unique bird's-eye view, check out the video below.

Trenchless Tomahawk


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Envirologics is a member of the Centre For Advancement of Trenchless Technologies (CATT) at the University of Waterloo, Ontario.


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